Go Season

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several brands and businesses throughout this crazy and fun Be You. journey, but I have to say the most impressive and inspiring brand yet has come out of the mind of Levar Shannon. His brand Go Season is inspired by shear power and motivation. As a young athlete who was always thrown a tough break because of his size Levar never took no for an answer. He worked, trained, and studied to make sure his dream became a reality. Starting from D3 college football he was able to propel himself all the way to D1AA. Following an unfortunate misplacement of promises his football career was cut short, but out of this misfortune arose a blessing in disguise. Through the entire process he taught himself to push, stay motivated each day, and strive for success. As the oldest of 10 brothers and sisters he recognizes and accepts the responsibility of role model. This dedication to his family and his future has kept his mind rolling with new ideas, products, and moves towards his goals.

Go Season is Levar Shannon, but I’d stretch it enough to say that Go Season is everyone with a goal. It is every athlete, academic, or just every human being that has ever been told no. It’s every person that was ever set back time and time again, but was forced to keep pushing. That drive and excitement about the future and confidence within oneself is in all of us. Even for those of you who feel down and out, it’s ok because Go Season has been there and will always be there as a true model of how to overcome. This brand is for everyone; men, women, and children, not just as a source of fashionable and cost effective workout gear, but as a training powerhouse. Each member of Go Season is fun and easy to work with, while also being streamline focused on doing whatever it takes for you to achieve your goal. Levar says it best, “People that have goals that mean the world to [them] and [would] do everything they can to achieve those goals; would/should be attracted to Go Season. [His] main focus are athletes, but as Go Season continues to grow [he] wants to touch more of the general population: anyone who has some type of grind.”

In the future Go Season wants to reach a wide range of individuals, like brands such as Under Armour have been able to do. He wants to uplift and motivate people to become the best version of them, while also being a personal and constant reminder that anything is possible if you just keep pushing! On August 14th the new Go Season line is going to be available. While their current products are already amazing, these new products are a true testament to how everything gets better with time! There will be three new t-shirts available, as well as more youth gear and accessories. For the current Go Season buyer cherish what you have because you may be the owner of the last piece in that style. Some products will not be coming back with the new line, but be well assured that what will be available coming soon will be better than ever!


My only goal is to make a difference, increase self-acceptance and self-esteem in youth to young adults. Being young is hard, trying to find your way is even harder, and with today's culture being yourself has become a fuzzy concept. Join me as I navigate my way through, fashion, fitness, and the overall struggles of growing up. Wear what you want. Do what you want. Be Different. And NEVER be afraid to 'Be You.™'.

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