Luca + Danni

“We craft the jewelry, you create the story.” – Fred Magnanimi, Founder

Brand Mission: After Fred’s brother Danny lost a difficult battle with cancer in 2013 he quit his job and relocated his family to Rhode Island. In an effort to allow his brother to still attain his dream, through himself, he began Luca + Danni. The inspiration behind every piece is the desire for the founder and his brother to inspire people to learn the treasure of “moment[s] spent with family, [living] in the moment, and [keeping] the faith no matter how difficult things may seem.” Each piece aims to be a reminder that “life is a journey and perhaps most importantly, to embrace it.”

In my collaboration with the brand Luca + Danni I received the Hudson Bangle Bracelet In Crystal AB – Silver Tone and two Hudson Slider Bracelets in Mother of Pearl – Silver Plated.fullsizeoutput_487

Both bracelets are exactly as pictured and arrive in the cutest packaging (pictured)!

The Crystal AB bracelet has a back clasp and the crystal emits rainbow rays when it hits the light. I wore both bracelets for two weeks without removing them to see how durable they are. The Crystal AB held up really nicely! I am still wearing it and there are no signs of rust or discoloring. Sometimes bracelets can turn your skin different colors if they are made with poor materials, but that is not the case with either bracelet.

IMG_2676The Mother of Pearl, however, fell apart after about a week. The ball at the end of the chain fell off first after about three days. After seven days the bracelet fell off of my wrist – detaching where it connects to the mother of pearl pendent. Although it didn’t last very long, the Mother of Pearl was exactly as pictured and did not rust or turn colors, much like the other bracelet.

Overall, my Lucca + Danni products were a success! I would shy away from products with smaller chains, especially if you plan to wear the bracelet often. Otherwise, the products were made with great materials, shipped quickly, and arrived in the cutest (picture ready) packaging! Enjoy!



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