Part of Be You.’s mission is to teach and empower everyone to love themselves! Once we have done the mental work to love ourselves unconditionally we can embark on the journey to have our appearance serve as an accurate physical representative of who we are. By loving and treating our bodies with the respect they deserve, through health and fitness, we lengthen our life expectancy, allowing more time to enjoy our newfound freedom, self-love, and confidence!

The 3 key components to how I lead a healthy life!   Read more.

My only goal is to make a difference, increase self-acceptance and self-esteem in youth to young adults. Being young is hard, trying to find your way is even harder, and with today’s culture being yourself has become a fuzzy concept. Join me as I navigate my way through, fashion, fitness, and the overall struggles of growing up. Wear what you want. Do what you want. Be Different. And NEVER be afraid to ‘Be You.™’.

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