The Minimalist Diary

The insider’s guide on the road to minimalism, and all it’s gory details…

In my previous New Years post – the “Only What Brings Me Joy” Challenge I stated that I would be giving away or selling 5 items I have every month for the next year. However, while looking at my apartment and everything I own I realized I just need a clean sweep! Each day I come across something new I used to love, but now can live without.

So what I have decided to do is to keep the Challenge going for those of you with fewer items to give away, or would like to take minimalism in baby steps. But what I will be doing is going for broke – not literally, I hope! I’ve decided to start a Be You. eBay Page which will be updated every time I find something new that no longer brings me joy and sell it to someone else, in hopes that it brings them the joy it once brought to me. I would give my items away, but I’m a broke graduate student, so this challenge also has a financial incentive 🙂

To document my journey I have started the Minimalist Diaries! This page marks my dive into the world of minimalism. If you’ve read any of my other posts you are already familiar with my all or nothing attitude, so this change of pace is probably of no surprise – HERE WE GO!

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My only goal is to make a difference, increase self-acceptance and self-esteem in youth to young adults. Being young is hard, trying to find your way is even harder, and with today's culture being yourself has become a fuzzy concept. Join me as I navigate my way through, fashion, fitness, and the overall struggles of growing up. Wear what you want. Do what you want. Be Different. And NEVER be afraid to 'Be You.™'.

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