Culture is what connects us. With such rich histories from across the globe and unique customs, our differences should be celebrated  –  Travel with me, as I explore the world!

Entry #3
How I came to the realization that there will always be things that you like, but there will only ever Read more.
Entry #2
Follow my journey to becoming a minimalist. This is entry #2, and I am still attacking my clothes and finding Read more.
Entry #1
Getting rid of most of your material things is like looking in a mirror naked, it's just you. Do you Read more.
Why I Believe in the Be Your Own Valentine Cliché
We created this day to celebrate love when each day should be a celebration of love, unity, and happiness! Valentine's Read more.
The “Only What Brings Me Joy” Challenge
Living a life based in true joy. Letting go of the excess and maximizing your health, wellness, and happiness! Join Read more.
Entry #8
People often rejoice in the holidays by rushing around and spending money they don't have on things their family and Read more.
Lidia May Handbags
Lidia May Handbags - bags and accessories made by and for confident and empowered woman striving for success! Read more.
Perfectly Imperfect
Advice to anyone today wondering what in the world is going on in the world and how can we do Read more.
"To be different is to be beautiful. Only you can decide who you are, who you want to be, and Read more.
The Struggle is Real
Graduating and starting my own adult life has brought about so many changes in maturity, responsibility and my views on Read more.