Vegan Skincare For Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

So, I mentioned a while back that I had been struggling with an AWFUL bout of acne. I mean when I say awful, picture a little 12-year-old boy that just hit puberty. I mean, it was BAD! I tried all of the products below, but finally I had to go to a dermatologist to get everything under control. It turned out that since I had been having some gastric issues my face had begun to show. If you didn’t know, your face can show signs of gastric problems through acne, blemishes, etc. if you become sick or begin altering your diet in any way that may cause you to become malnourished.

Now, don’t get angry, I am a very healthy vegan and being malnourished was NOT my problem (the blood tests proved it)! When done right, being a vegan is the healthiest diet for a human being, and I highly HIGHLY recommend the transition!

I did, however, have to go on antibiotics for a bacterial infection that had arisen in my skin, due to my stomach problems, and have since been using behind the counter prescription medications to maintain my clear skin. Now, for me, my skin is just way too sensitive at the moment to go without medication. There is not currently anything vegan on the market that can contain my acne and give me continuously good skin, and as you’ll see I have tried A LOT of products. So for those of you that really struggle I would look to a dermatologist first to see if there are any underlying health issues. I would then look to use the below products to maintain clear skin once you have solved your core problems, if there are any. Hopefully, in the future there will be something vegan that can really get at the root of oily/acne-prone skin issues!

That being said, for those of you with moderate to very occasional acne, I say shop away! Consider my recommendations carefully and purchase as you wish! There are some really great alternatives out there for you! Keep in mind I am NOT a dermatologist, but just your everyday girl (adult really *rolls eyes*) with acne issues. Feel free to comment or e-mail with any questions and I hope this is helpful for all our vegan acne sufferers out there, regardless of skin-type!

Hylunia_3-Step Acne Treatment System
1) Hylunia 3-Step Acne Treatment System – $118
  1. This product is good for those with small breakouts every now and then. I had a face full of acne, everywhere from my forehead to my chin, and although this product helped some it was not effective in removing my acne. However, because it did at least help some I would recommend it for those who get a few pesky pimples at one time, and helping to get rid of and prevent those from occurring.
NOW Foods Solutions Dark Spot Serum
2) NOW Foods Solutions Dark Spot Serum – $15.99

2) This product is good for those with small breakouts every now and then. I had a face full of acne, everywhere from my forehead to my chin, and although this product helped some it was not effective in removing my acne. However, because it did at least help some I would recommend it for those who get a few pesky pimples at one time, and helping to get rid of and prevent those from occurring.

Derma E Wipes
3) Derma E Hydrating Facial Wipes with Hyaluronic Acid – 25 Wipes – $7.99

3) These wipes are a staple in my skincare routine. I use them every evening when I come home, to clean my face from all of the oils and dirt that have accumulated throughout the day. Because it does not contain oils it is the perfect purchase for someone who is incredibly oily like I am.

Acure Wipes
4) Acure Organics Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes Fragrance Free – 30 Towelettes – $6.99

4) These wipes ended up making me break-out even more than I already had. Argan oil has a history of working well on acne and facial issues for many people, however, if you have oily skin like I do added extra oil to the mix does not help.

Derma E Eye Cream
5) Derma E Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Crème – $29.95

5) While this product is quite expensive it works wonders under my eyes. As a graduate student with a full-time job and several internships, sleep is not regularly on my agenda. I used to have circles under my eyes that had begun to become discolored, but this crème was senstivie enough to not cause any irritation while also reversing the damage I’d done.

(Not Pictured) Derma E Hydrating Facial Treatment Oil with Organic Argan and Marula Oils – BAD

Terrible for oily skin! This was by far the worst decision I made to try and treat my acne. I have incredibly oily skin and by adding these oils to my daily routine I went from maybe 5 pesky pimples to a face that was so covered at times I looked swollen.

Tea Tree Breakout Blaster
7) Skin by Ann Webb Tea Tree Breakout Blaster – $8.09

7) I really loved this product. I used it before I had my large breakout and it was amazing at zapping zits overnight, and was great for during the day use. It helped to target acne that was arising through the dirt and oil that was accumulating during work and other daily activities.

Alaffia Facial Cleanser
8) Alaffia Skin Recovery Formulas Facial Cleanser Neem & Shea – $13.99

8) I purchased this product because it is specific to oily and acne-prone skin. It is by far the best product I have ever purchased. It is absolutely amazing for those with oily skin and is harsh enough without being overbearing, even in the winter months. I still use this product every day, and plan to continue with it as my staple face wash.

Charcoal Mask
9) Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask (4 Tubes) -$19.99

9) Now everyone is talking about these charcoal peel masks, so I had to try them, and believe the hype! While seeing what’s pulled out of your skin is absolutely disgusting, it’s better than leaving it in there. I use this product twice a week, as not to over expose my face and it has helped tremendously!

Live Fresh Natural Blotting Papers
10) Live Fresh Natural Oil Absorbing Blotting Sheets – $5.99

10) These papers, while they only come one pack at a time are incredibly large. One sheet of LiveFresh is equal to two sheets of the Tarte blotting papers. These papers also leave the face with a nice matte finish, and feeling incredibly clean. These are prefered over the Tarte blotting papers, but the Bamboo Charcoal blotting papers are the most effective with the best value.

Pretie Blotting Papers
11) Pretie Asian Bamboo Charcoal Facial Blotting Paper (x2) – $10.85

11) These blotting papers, while not large do coem with two packs. I only ever need one sheet, which is amazing considering how oily my face is. Charcoal has an great effect on pores and skin, so having charcoal infused blotting papers helps tremendously.

Aztec Secret Face Mask
12) Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing – $14.42

12) This is by far the best face mask I have ever used in my whole life. It is salon quality and incredibly strong and useful for my above averagely oily skin. I only use this mask once a week, on Sundays to get any left over oils and dirt from the other 6 days of the week. I recommend this mask to anyone with incredibly oily and acne-prone skin, such as my own.

Queen Helene Face Mask
13) Queen Helene Facial Masque, Mint Julep – $6.38

13) This masque is great and really strong, but if you use it too much your skin will habituate to it and it will stop being effective. I suggest using this mask less or not at all, if you have a dire need for something to pull dirt and oils from your face.

tarte Blotting Papers
14) tarte Not So Slick Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers – $4.99

14) These are great for your average oily skin. The absorption of these sheets is not as great as some of the others I’ve used. It’s not worth the money in my opinion, as I’ve found better cloths for a better price. The sheets are small and I have to use a minimum of two on my face to get all of the oil off at once. This can get quite pricey if you have a really oily face.

Desert Essence Oil Control Lotion
15) Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Lotion – $9.47

15) This lotion is very effective, but has no SPF coverage. It works well, but for those who live in locations where the sun shines often this may not be the lotion for you. I prefer to use a lotion that also has a high SPF so that I don’t have to overly clog my pores by putting more products than necessary on my hair.

Papaya Enzyme Mask
16) Papaya Enzyme Mask – $47

16) I use this mask every day. It serves as my daily exfoliator. I will use this product after I wipe my face with my facial cleansing wipes. This product restores the skin and hydrates the skin in a way that leaves it nourished, but not oily and pores not clogged. I do plan to try other vegan exfoliators, so I will add those to this list as I experiment with what works best for me!


*All pictures were taken from Amazon and did not come from the brand, nor did I receive any compensation for my reviews*

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